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Change Your Space

A positive and pragmatic organising service to help you make the most of the space in your home. A discreet, blame-free service for sorting clutter, re-claiming spare rooms, rationalising paperwork or hoarding. ‘She really empowers you, your whole environment changes.’

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Marian from Exeter , May 21, 2018
Jasmine was like a breath of fresh air, superbly efficient and organised. In one mornings session we tackled two rooms, and it was brilliant. New systems in place for paperwork in the office, old paperwork reduced, furniture reduced, i now have a great, light area in which to work. Upstairs wardrobe decluttered, new organised system for clothes, old furniture removed, new furniture ordered! Jasmine is very professional, intuitive and very personable, I would highly recommend Jasmine, she is brilliant.
TJ from Exeter , January 6, 2018
I cannot thank Jasmine enough for her help in kick starting my 2018 declutter before we move. I was recommended Jasmine by a friend who said how great her work was and she wasn’t wrong. Even changing the initial plan of the area of the house I wanted to work on after she arrived we made so much progress in the 4 hours. At no time did I feel pressurised in to parting with anything or rushed into decision making. Since jasmine left I have received a great follow up email giving me hints and tip specific to my home. Like others have said once you start you cannot stop! Thank you Jasmine x
SALLY SEDGMAN from nr OTTERY ST MARY , October 7, 2017
Penny Pincher from Sidmouth , September 15, 2017
I really do not know what I can add. So many people singing her praises on this site.
I agree. She is a considerate, careful and extremely fast worker. Also she is a great source of information on where/how 'stuff' can be disposed - from an Air Rifle to sensitive private Data on Floppy Discs/CDs. It is amazing how much stuff she can cram in her car to carry away to charity shops. After every visit I feel so much lighter in spirit as I continue to declutter following the death of my husband (an avid collector & hoarder).
P L from Tiverton , July 31, 2017
I had become "cluttered" because of physical problems and depression, and was not looking forward to someone else seeing what I perceived to be a quite shameful predicament.
Jasmine, though, was great. She was kind, understanding, and supportive in an experience that proved not to be embarrassing, but hugely positive. The weight lifted, physically and emotionally, was great. She was gentle, warm, and helpful. She was graceful and professional, knowing exactly what she was doing. Not just sweetly and subtly supportive, but lugging great quantities of unrequired stuff away to heaven knows where!
Many many thanks Jasmine.
Heather from Honiton , July 18, 2017
What piece of mind Jasmine has brought to us. We are the main carers for one of our family who is an adult living with autism. By choice he lives in his own home with support from us but over the years has refused any other non family support and consequently has gotten into a real muddle and accumulation of "stuff". He has obviously himself been stressed by the situation and finally with reluctance agreed to meet Jasmine. Where other have been sent packing Jasmine with her calm, un-shockable and common-sense approach has on 2 visits not only gained trust but working together they have achieved amazing things. This has and will make the difference between someone been able to live independently over moving into more sheltered accommodation. Thank you Jasmine and Change Your Space, we have total respect for all that you do and long may you keep it up!
Denise from Plymouth , July 13, 2017
OMG. This service is amazing. It's not like that Hoarders programme on tv where a group comes in a clears everything out. It's completely the opposite. You have one person who comes in a talks to you and lets you be in charge. You are in control of the whole process. I had the help of Jazmaine. She was such an awesome person. Very friendly extremely supportive. She was very reassuring every step of the way. And at the end made sure I didn't have any questions or if I just needed reassurance with what would happen next. An amazing service. I would not have been able to do this without their support.
Deborah from Brixham , June 15, 2017
I would recommend that anybody uses this service. It is very affordable; when you think about the amount of time and effort it takes just to stay 'stuck', then having someone 'unstick' you, is worth it's weight in gold. This leaves you free to get on with your jobs, dreams and life, in the way that you want, literally with no obstacles in the way!
Jasmine is very calm, unshockable, approachable. I was embarrassed that as a grown woman I needed someone else's help, but actually, the mess was really just a symptom of the many things going on in my life, and in a few hours it was transformed, in a way that made me feel totally in control, able to keep it up, and very glad that I had made an investment in myself and my happiness.
I had thought it was just for the rich and famous (or TV hoarders), but it turns out, it is for people just like me, overwhelmed by life, who just need a bit of help. The cost is very reasonable, and if I ever get the courage to tackle our attic space, I would definitely call Jasmine again, four hours of Jasmine's time compared to every weekend that I would need to spend doing it; no contest!
Claire Sorensen from Exmouth , May 30, 2017
I would highly recommend a consultation with Jasmine, she came to have a look at how I can keep on top of all the clutter, toys and day to day stuff that just seems to pile up at an alarming rate! She was so helpful, Jasmine has such a lovely friendly and calm manner, along with the ability to make you feel completely at ease. She worked from room to room with really good advice and suggestions along the way, and followed up her visit with a really clear and concise breakdown of what had been discussed. I felt so empowered to make a change when Jasmine left that I cleared out one of the problem cupboards immediately! A fantastic service with a super lovely lady, I'm looking forward to restoring some order into this household with Jasmine's expertise!
M.Robinson from Plymouth , May 8, 2017
I was overwhelmed by the task and did not know where to start with clearing the house. Jasmine was so positive and encouraging, I would never have been able to manage it without her help and support.
Carolyn from Ilfracombe , March 20, 2017
Jasmine works in a very professional way, being pleasant, efficient and respectful of my wishes and my home. The difference she has made has been amazing. She is a complete genius at putting so much in a small space in a way that it can be easily accessed and used - I keep opening the doors of my reconfigured cupboards to look again at their neat and workable contents! :-)
Ruth from Exeter , March 15, 2017
Jasmine is like a breath of fresh air. In a gentle non judgemental way and at your pace she helps you tackle clutter or paperwork that is holding you back at your pace would highly recommend her
Lisa from Cranbrook , March 12, 2017
With Jasmine's professional, cheerful and friendly help, I quite literally gained an entire room back out of what had become a chaotic storage area with no floor space. The 'extra' room in the house can now be used and the items which had been stored there have all been found practical places within the house, without cluttering up other rooms.
I highly recommend Jasmine.
from ilfracombe , March 5, 2017
As a gift my mum offered me a weekend at a spa but I told her I would rather have a declutterer to help me sort out the spare room so I could do crafting in there. So she got Jasmine in to help. Now I have a tidy and organised craft room which will give me joy all year - not just for a weekend like a spa experience would have!
Jasmine offers practical, non-judgemental help and advice and uses a range of strategies I would never have thought of on my own to make the task easier. I couldn't believe how much we achieved in just four hours! She even followed up her visit with an email explaining useful 'next steps' to help keep on top of the clutter.
Thankyou so much!
Nat from Exmouth , November 23, 2016
Wow. Jasmine has gently and expertly assisted me to revolutionise my storage spaces at home - loft, cupboard-under-stairs, filing cabinets, drawers! Now suddenly there is a place for everything and everything in its place - I feel like I've got so much more room, and it's even fun putting things away now.
Jasmine is super professional, kind, thoughtful and funny. She's really sensitive and tactful and is a relaxing presence in what can be a daunting task of clearing things out. Sometimes belongings or paperwork can mount up and get out of control when you're busy all the time, and all it takes is booking out a few hours to get it sorted - I heartily recommend Jasmine to anyone - no problem too big or too small! THANK YOU x
Kl from Exeter , October 16, 2016
Jasmine is lovely. Very thorough and structured. Logical ways of doing things which I'd never have thought of! I was feeling overwhelmed by my house and my children's things, this session has helped me to feel more in control. Thank you Jasmine xx
Jane Hoyle from Exmouth , August 28, 2016
Jasmine reorganised my home office. She was a pleasure to have around, a fast worker with lots of ideas and experience. Highly recommended.
EDWINA from WILLAND , August 23, 2016
Jasmine is SUCH a help! She is non-pushy re keeping eg "memorabilia", very strong, neat and fast. She has helped me to prepare for moving house and now is steadily working through a room at a time, also tackling the overflow, in this garage. She carries away charity donations for me and- as I cannot lift, smaller items to the dump. She is very street-wise / knowledgeable eg re "Confidential Waste" for documents and recently suggested "Assisted Collection" services from my local Council, as I no longer can move my bins for myself. She is also fun and kind!
Joyce Parker from Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset , August 21, 2016
Change Your Space - I used this service early on in 2016 when I had to put my house on the market to sell as quickly as possible. I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. They were brilliant, they helped me to focus and all the decisions about whether to give to charity, throw out or keep were mine. The house was quickly sorted and sold immediately. Jasmine was very supportive and efficient and well organised. Jasmine told me what rooms/areas she would do and how long it would take her. I was incredulous as I didn't see how she could achieve so much in such a short time but she did! She came, she saw and she sorted! Well worth the money and Jasmine even emailed me after I moved area to see if I was settled in and ok. A lovely lady and very professional. I can highly recommend her services.
Caroline from Exeter , August 20, 2016
Jasmine was extremely helpful and inspired me to get on with some other jobs using her principles between our two sessions. She even sourced me a new-to-me sofa which one of her other clients needed to sell which was a great bonus and an example of the way she thinks.

Jasmine is a non-judgemental, friendly, practical and above all energetic & indefatigable help when decluttering and sorting stuff.

I highly recommend her: as I am slow learner, I am sure shall be using her again!
VC from Exeter , August 18, 2016
I am very pleased with this service: it has been so useful to have discreet, sympathetic & practical help in efficiently sorting years of accumulated possessions; I would not have tackled it alone & needed the help of a sensitive professional.
Jane Pickup from EXmouth , August 17, 2016
We had brought the whole of the contents of our old home and 35 years of marriage to a rented house in Exmouth. We then had to move at very short notice - without Jasmine's help it would have been a terrifying task! Jasmine helped us rationalise the contents of our garage and boxes not opened for 2 years. With her systematic and hands on approach (taking car loads of stuff to the recycling centre)' we had much less to move and decluttered properly for the first time in years - a cathartic experience! Jasmine has so much energy, gave us loads of suggestions on how to sort out books, photos etc. Her enthusiasm rubs off on to you and inspires us to pass on her suggestions to others. Thank you Jasmine
Jo BK from Exeter , August 17, 2016
A very helpful and positive experience. Jasmine is very thoughtful and hardworking and helpful. She loves her job and loves sorting stuff! She helped me plan and organise my home I am impressed with her service.
PR from Exmouth , August 16, 2016
For cleaning and de-cluttering in advance of selling. I've been really pleased. Great service. Moves you forward in an easy and positive way.
LR from Exmouth , August 2, 2016
She's very subtle, calm and understanding. You don't feel like she brings opinions into your home. Very professional - she has a manner like she belongs in your home. She's quietly positive and non-judgemental. She's systematic, and makes the task seem achievable. She wants to get on and was very clear and professional about the process. I was so impressed with her manner. She works with the individual and was very respectful of my personality. She came on time and we did exactly what she said. She didn't take breaks, just gets down to it. It's amazing that some people can do it and some people can't - I found it a highly positive experience, she really has transformed my life. I no longer wake up to mounds of stuff. Before she came it felt like something I couldn't manage. Before I did this I felt like I needed to move, I no longer feel like that. She really empowers you, your whole environment changes. You realign everything - particularly how you store things and how you access them - it just makes everything more manageable. It allows you to enjoy the stuff you have, and you don't necessarily have to throw lots away. It really was an investment because it's changed my lifestyle. It's so achievable and it doesn't have to cost the earth - you can just do one room at a time.