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Lady Horticulturist

Claire Forster is an RHS certified horticulturalist who consults with clients to help you achieve what you want. Garden overhauls, re-planting, garden maintenance and more. ‘Extremely knowledgeable’, ‘very hardworking’, ‘has a really good way of gauging what you know and helping you achieve what you want.’ Chainsaw licence holder, registered consultant with the Gardeners Guild.

Reviews (8)
Julia H from Bickleigh , November 17, 2018
A year on and Thanks to Claire, our terribly overgrown garden is slowly taking shape. Frustratingly, ive hardly had any time to help (...I love working alongside Claire, she’s such a pleasure to be with), but Claire works equally hard on her own and really understands what we are trying to achieve. Can’t recommend her highly enough....just hope she doesn’t get too busy!!
Jennifer M from Dawlish , June 1, 2018
in two days, Claire transformed an overgrown, neglected garden into a neat and tidy garden. She is hard-working and a pleasure to have around.
HIGHLY recommended.
A D Sherwood from Ide, Exeter , May 21, 2018
Great job, v hard worker, non stop.
KM from Brampford Speke , January 23, 2018
Excellent plant knowledge, very flexible to the client's needs - she respects my thoughts and wishes - which is important because my garden means a lot to me. Very reliable, very hardworking.
Emily Macleod from Exeter , December 18, 2017
Claire worked really hard for the whole time whilst clearing my garden. It isn’t just about her gardening though – she’s a nice person to have around. It’s obvious she cares.
M Shoebridge from Exeter , December 18, 2017
I received very good service from The Lady Horticulturist. Claire was prompt in getting back to me after my initial enquiry and did a good job on my small patio garden.
Julia H from Bickleigh , October 3, 2017
She’s great – very hardworking, strong, knows a lot about plants and gardening. She’s absolutely sweet – has a really good way of gauging what you know and helping you achieve what you want. She’s reliable, and she’s flexible.
Dr JL from Kenton , September 20, 2017
She's very thorough, listens patiently, turns up on time, and is extremely knowledgeable.