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Exeter Farmers Market

9-2 every Thursday at the cross roads between South Street and Fore Street. Exeter Farmers Market was established to give local producers of fruit, vegetables and foodstuffs a retail outlet that enables them to sell direct to the public. There is also a limited range of craft and products made locally with local materials. Produce on offer includes cheeses, venison, pork, lamb, beef, chicken, organic fruit & vegetables, apple juice, fish, chicken, preserves, cakes, bread, pies and much more.

The crossroads between South Street and Fore Street, Exeter, Devon
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Shillingford Organics from Exeter , February 18, 2016
We love selling our produce at Exeter Farmers' Market and you can find us there every Thursday. We sell lovely, fresh, organic produce and are not shy about promoting our wonderful vegetables. Do come and visit our stall.